Visiting Matachewan & Things to Do

Outdoor Activities

Matachewan is a great place to visit and is full of fun things to do for the entire family. Be sure to check out our beautiful beach on the border the Montreal River. This very popular summer location is a perfect place for you and your family to unwind after a busy day or exploring.

The Montreal River provides an ideal place for canoe enthusiasts to get their craft in the water and explore the shore line.  There are numerous scenic places to enjoy along the river.  And for the adventurous there are plenty of portages. 

Matachewan is also home to High Falls. It's not accessible by car, but an adventurous trail will take you to this very beautiful hidden gem.

Matachewan has a variety of other outdoor summertime activities such as hiking, boating, fishing or discovering remote trails on your ATV. Just as much fun can be had during the winter. During the colder months you can try your luck at some ice fishing or go play in the snow by going skiing or snowmobiling. Whether its spring, summer, fall or winter, there's always plenty to do and discover. This makes Matachewan the perfect destination for the outdoor enthusiast all year around.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park provides an opportunity for residents or those who enjoy Matachewan to camp just one kilometer from the townsite during the summer.  This is a very popular site, and the Township office is taking names for interested campers.

Pioneer Park is located just outside of Matachewan on the beautiful Montreal River. Enjoy the convenience of being close to town while still being able to take pleasure in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Take advantage of the easy to access camping area, launch your boat and take in the spectacular scenery, try your luck at fishing or just relax to the calming sound of nature.

Jacob's Cave

Long before The Township of Matachewan existed, a man named Jacob came to the area looking to make a living in the mining industry.  He found the Matachewan area to be very rich with ore and wanted to explore more.  However winter was setting in and he had no shelter.  He found the spot pictured below and with the help of a fire, he was able to survive the Matachewan winter.  The legend of Jacob’s cave is still very alive today.

Historical Marker & Bridge

In the 1890’s a lumber depot was established on the Montreal River at the future Townsite of Matachewan. Real Growth of the community began after the discovery of gold ore 20 years later. In 1932 the Ashley Mine went into production.

With mining came the need for good transportation. The first road into Matachewan, today Highway 65, was opened from the railhead at Elk Lake to Matachewan in 1937.

The road to Ashley Mine, today Highway 566 was completed in 1932 and crossed the Montreal River at Matachewan on a floating bridge. This structure was replaced in 1936 with a permanent timber bridge that remained in use until 2007 when the present concrete bridge opened.

The 1936 bridge was initially known as Moyneur’s Bridge, named after John Moyneur who settled on the future Townsite in 1918. He later built Moyneur Hotel, beside the bridge, which stands in 2007 as Camp Matachewan.

The 1936 bridge consisted of seven spans with length of 53.4 m and width of 8.9 m. The spans were supported on timber piles braced together and timber clad to protect the piles from ice and debris damage. The deck framing was of heavy timber beams that supported the roadway made of 2 by 4’s laid on edge. During the bridge's 71 year life, all of the timber remained sound apart from rebuilding the sidewalk and road resurfacing. Come out and see the Heritage Bridge constructed from materials salvaged from the old Bridge.


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