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Water Services and Annual Reports


Since June 2003, Matachewan has been required to comply with Ontario Regulation 170/03 made under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The Act’s purpose is to protect human health through the control and regulation of drinking water systems. 0. Reg. 170/03 regulates drinking water testing, use of licensed laboratories, treatment requirements and reporting requirements. Section 11 of Regulation 170/03 requires the owner to produce an Annual Report. This report must include the following:

    • Description of system & chemical(s) used
    • Summary of any adverse water quality reports and corrective actions
    • Summary of all required testing
    • Description of any major expenses incurred to install, repair or replace equipment

This annual report must be completed by February 28th of each year.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency prepared the 2022 Annual/Summary Report for the
Matachewan Drinking Water System and provided a copy to the system owner; the  ownship of Matachewan. The Matachewan Drinking Water System is a stand-alone system that does not receive water from or send water to another system.

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