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Explore Matachewan

Life in Matachewan

City life at times can become quite hectic. Here in Matachewan, you can live life at your own pace while the beauty of nature surrounds you in calm and peaceful environment. We have a gorgeous public beach for all ages to enjoy, and a local fitness center. The municipality is surrounded by beautiful wilderness, a plethora of lakes and situated on the historical Montreal River. We boast a wide variety of wildlife here including moose, wolves, deer, lynx, beaver and so much more. We are fortunate to have a large population of birds including hummingbirds, blue jays, cardinals and gross beaks, Butterflies are also plentiful here.

Where is Matachewan?

Matachewan is located 56 km west of Kirkland Lake and 102 km northwest of Temiskaming Shores, in beautiful Northern Ontario, Canada. Come out and see all that Matachewan has to offer.

A taste of Matachewan’s history

In the 1920’s gold, copper, molybdenite and other minerals were discovered and the town of Matachewan slowly came to life. Today, Matachewan is currently experiencing a mining “boom” and is primed for expansion. The three primary industries here are mining, forestry, and tourism.


From Old Women’s Rapids and High Falls, the Historical Montreal River Bridge and Marker, Jacob’s Cave and Aboriginal paintings makes Matachewan an explorer’s delight, filled with a rich historical background just waiting to be rediscovered again and again.

All-terrain vehicle user

You are welcome to journey the trails and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife that is in abundance on the outskirts of town.


There are moose, bear, deer and wolves inhabiting the area along with number of small game and waterfowl.

Canoe enthusiasts

Come test the waters to the east and west of the Montreal River system and carefully explore Old Women’s Rapids, named for the profile of an old women’s face formed on a rock about 200 yards south of the portage.

Volunteer Fire Department

Filled with devoted members our fire department is completely run by volunteers dedicated to the safety of our community.

Community Hall

Our Community Hall is used for community functions, weddings, funerals, dances and private events.


Mistinikon Lake is a popular fishing hole being home to mainly walleye, pike, and small mouth bass. Twenty-four (24) miles long and headwater for the Montreal River system making it a popular tourism spot. There are many other surrounding area lakes which provides a wide variety of fish including various trout species. Fishing is easily accessed through the municipal docks and boat launches in convenient locations.

Rich History

Did you know that Matachewan is an aboriginal word meaning “Meeting of the waters”? Ask one of our long-standing locals about Matachewan and how we became a proud aboriginal population. From our honorable roots came trapping, trading and hunting. Then came mineral exploration and the early days of mining claims. Our resource-based economy proceeded to forestry, tourism, and mining-based economy of today.

Heritage Bridge and Marker

This historical marker stands today to memorize the 71-year life of the old “Moyneur Bridge” named after John Moyneur who settled in Matachewan in 1981. One of the last standing and functional creosote bridges in Canada. The heritage bridge was constructed from salvaged pieces of the old bridge.


Our helipad was constructed to ensure efficient emergency medical service to the community, which increased recovery time and saving lives.

Young Davidson Multi Complex (YDMC)

Located at our beautiful beachfront location, this multipurpose facility provides year-round recreational opportunity for young and old. It has natural ice for skating and curling in the winter. It is equipped to house community functions and sporting activities.

Nursing Station

Our nursing station offers a wide range of medical services provided by a Doctor and a Nurse Practitioner.

Matachewan Get Fit

The gym is heated and air-conditioned facility with 2 bathrooms. It is equipped with 2 elliptical trainers, 2 treadmills, a dip and chin up station, a recumbent bike, and a 4-person workout system (leg press pully system). Free weights, a power cage with an Olympic bar an arm curl and seated calf raise station. There are also stability balls, exercise tubes, bands, kettlebells and skipping ropes.

Beach and Playground

The beachfront is the perfect place to cool off after a hot summer day Equipped with a land dock and a floating swim platform for all your swimming fun. Also, sit back and relax at the waterfront while the children run and play on the playground equipment.

Pioneer Park Campground

Pioneer Park, located just outside of Matachewan overlooking the beautiful Montreal River. There are 19 camping sites to rent. The beautiful public sandy beach is a perfect spot to swim or to have a picnic. Launch your canoe, kayak or boat and explore the very scenic Montreal River. You will surely be impressed with this little piece of heaven! The park includes a boat launch, a public washroom and a dumping station for RV’s

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #386

Our mission is to serve veterans, including serving military members and their families. To promote Remembrance and to serve our communities and our country.

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